“I was at a party. Half the party were well traveled and the other half weren’t. The well traveled guests were interesting and the others weren’t”

Why Do You Travel So Much

People always ask me why do you travel so much or how do you get to travel so much and its simple. I make travel a priority in my life. Travel is a form of education and can give a person more wisdom than any college institution around the world. There are 196 countries, roughly 6500 spoken languages and around 4200 belief systems in the world so why restrict yourself to the borders of your one country. There is so much out there to learn and experience that can only aid your mission in becoming a better person.

Different Experiences

I have stayed in 5 star hotels in first class European cities, I have camped in African deserts, I have backpacked around Asia, I have caught greyhound busses across USA and I have stayed with locals in Argentina. So its fair to say that i have experienced the full spectrum of accommodation and travel types and what was my favorite? Well it is hard to say because i make the most of any situation by just living in the moment whether its sipping a sparkling water next to an infinity pool or helping a Sri Lankan mother cook a delicious curry in the back room of her house. I will suggest something though, when you visit a new country go out and experience the local life, meet people, eat the local food, dance to the local beat and forget about your norms.

Throwing it back from something I wrote after a trip in 2016:

“I have just come back from a 4 week trip backpacking around Sri Lanka and it quickly soared to my number 1 destination in the world. As I landed, i immediately felt the energy and the happiness. Besides for the picturesque beaches and warm weather that dominates travel guides, this country was smiling from one end to the other. No Tsunami or Flood was getting in the way of these peoples happiness. There weren’t many hostels so i landed up staying in house shares which is basically staying in the guest bedroom of numerous locals. This was a blessing in disguise because i got to learn about Sri Lanka off the beaten track not through a waiter at a hotel but through living as local. It quickly became apparent that the calmness and happy nature shone through from years practicing the Buddha way. I had 4 weeks to try and learn and comprehend Buddhism and wow it took me down an interesting path. As any local would tell you, Buddhism is not a religion, its a way of life.”
Circa 2016

Buddhism Wisdom

  • Wealth does not guarantee happiness and also wealth is impermanent
  • Impermanence  – without an ending there is no beginning and without sadness there is no happiness
  • Wanting deprives us from contentment and happiness
  • If we give up useless craving and learn to live each day at a time (not dwelling in the past or future) then we can become happy and free
  • Focus your mind on being fully aware on your thoughts and actions
  • Develop compassion for others
  • Every cause has an effect
  • True wisdom is not simply believing what we are told but instead experiencing and understanding truth and reality
So to leave you on this note, take from it what you like but do yourself a favor and get out into the world and experience every culture, compassionate cuisine and lifestyle. No classroom can teach you what the world around you can teach you.
Much Love