Weeks tend to drag on quite a bit and the reason lie solely on the fact that it gets going slowly and negatively.

Why do most of us experience this?

Yes jobs, financial situations, mortgages, debt, interest rates, economic climate, weather, relationships and many more contribute to this but it is definitely not the main reason.

The way we wake up in the morning determines everything in our days and the week ahead. Our mind is such a powerful instrument that it even supersedes computers out there so when we tell it something like “Ah man, not Monday again” or “I hate work and I’ve got 5 more days of it”, what are we really doing? We are instructing our mind, body and soul to look out for the bad and the ugly. From that moment forward we see every action in our day as a glass half empty and wearing a smile for even 5 seconds feels like torture.

Its time to change.

Otherwise your life will always be mediocre and success in your three stabilizers (Mind, Body and Soul) will become just another dream before you awake to your miserable self.

There is an answer.

Every Sunday night before crashing onto that 1000 thread pillow case, tell yourself that tomorrow morning you will wake up motivated to live your life to the fullest. Remember we are forming a new habit and breaking an old one, this is not going to be easy but there will be a point where you cross that metaphorical line unto a journey towards enlightenment. Upon waking, clap your hands, give out a WHOOP and speak to your self and say the following words – “Today is going to be great, I only have one life so let’s give it everything” and you could even add “I love Monday’s”. Any version of this will help but after doing this for a full month, you will begin to see your Monday become easier, happier, maybe even exciting but what is guaranteed is that doing this long enough will give anyone out there the greatest and most profound base to find their success and purpose.
We need to all remember that circumstances outside our control, like the chance of rain or foul mood of our partner the night before, should never determine our mindset or our mood. These are all circumstances that we can either walk away from or maybe just accept that it is out of our control.
Habits are a great foundation to start off your day. It will set the tone and the mood in order to pry yourself away from the self oppression and step right into your purpose driven journey. Find more about daily habits here
Much Love