Being in a different country sure has a way of shocking our system into new ideologies and perspectives. I have always been an avid believer of traveling to learn about the world or at least understand the world. We often tend to stick to our cliques and hometown friendships which can sometimes cause blindness to what is happening around us. Everyone has a different perspective on the world and to understand this is to understand the world.

Swing in Bali

How To Understand Different Peoples Perspectives

To be honest, trying to see through other people’s eyes was the hardest transformation I’ve had to endure. I always couldn’t understand how someone could have a different opinion to me when looking at the same subject or situation. Trust me though, everyone sees the sky as a different shade of blue to you. Now I am not saying you need to agree with everyone and what they perceive as the correct modus operandi but trying to understand them rather than agree takes a lot of frustration and weight off your shoulders. Say good bye to the need to argue in every conversation.
I wish it was as easy as this but like most things in life, easier said than done because there are people out there that say some pretty outrageous things (let’s not get into the politics about this). This is never going to change… EVER. Wait, let that soak in. I guarantee you we are never going to get rid of highly opinionated people or the vocal clown at your dinner party. So this is vital to understand.

What Drives Your Decisions + Ideas

Next, your decisions and ideas in life stem from every action that has included you since the day you were born. Parents ideas filter down to their kids, billboards marketing products, schools, communities, absolutely everything affects you or carves you into the person you are today. So therefore unless you spend 24 hours a day with a person your entire life then you will never agree on everything. Whatever someone says or does, good or bad, is a reaction to some event in their life. Like I said you don’t have to agree with them but try and understand that something happened in their life that has etched a scar into their being. A lot of time, anger and hate stems from a place of hurt or disappointment.
I feel so contradictory writing all of this because I was the one that loved an argument even if I didn’t know the facts. Everyone loses when you argue and frankly its waste of energy. I love being in a state of calm and serenity now and one thing I know for sure is that disagreeing and arguing hurts that zen state I so love.

How Long Does The Process Take

This process has taken me many months to get right but I promise you, if you wake yourself up to the fact that all people from different walks of life will always have a different perspective to you and truly understand that then you will open up space in your life to work on yourself. So this leads me onto the important subject at hand. The people we have a different perspective to are beautiful in every sense of the word. They are there to teach you things you don’t know or understand emotions you might not experience. You see there is Yin and Yang and together they are more powerful.
The world is large! Making it impossible to know everything but it sure is ripe for understanding it through different cultures, languages, ideologies and experience. The more I open myself up to others and listen the more I learn and in affect the more I’m able to understand situations from different angles. Your way is not the wrong way but it is also not the right way it is just your way and everyone has their way. Stop being stubborn and learn more, listen more and you will understand that it’s only a different perspective. And sometimes a different perspective is filled with wisdom and experience.
Keep enjoying your journey wherever it takes you and never forget that an open mind is the key to the universe.
Much love